Mise à jour du Bénin – Progrès du projet d'assistance technique à l'Ecole CPET Don Bosco, Parakou

C'est difficile à croire que nous sommes presque à la fin nos deux semaines d'assistance technique  à l'Ecole CPET Don Bosco, Parakou, Benin. La recherche d'affaires a progressé d'une manière substantielle pendant la semaine et nous sommes maintenant sur l'étape de construire un budget pour chaque entreprise. Les séances continues de formation ont provoqué des discours intéressants sur comment éviter des pièges que rencontrent souvent des entreprises scolaires en termes de risques et de gestion.

Mise à jour du Bénin – Planification d'entreprises et renforcement de capacité à l'Ecole CPET Don Bosco, Parakou

Aujourd'hui est la quatrième journée de notre collaboration avec L'Ecole CPET Don Bosco à Parakou. Les premières journées ont été pleines de discours et rencontres très productives et nos consultants ont maintenant rencontré toute l'équipe scolaire et se sont familiarisés avec les entreprises, déjà impressionnantes, que l'école est en train de monter.

Benin - Update from business planning and capacity building at CPET Don Bosco School in Parakou

We are now four days into our collaboration with the CPET Don Bosco school in Parakou.

The first few days have been busy but extremely productive. Our consultants have been getting to know the staff and familiarising themselves with the already impressive businesses operating in the school. A range of school staff, students, workshop heads and other staff have taken part in the first three training sessions, which have seen lively debates on the aims of education and interesting discussions around the steps involved in planning a business and how to execute them.

Nicaragua: Updates on La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture & Tourism

This month, we wanted to share with you some of the latest events that have taken place at La Bastilla Technical Centre.

Guatemala - Visiting Ak'Tenamit, a school participating in the School Enterprise Challenge 2014

This Monday, 29 September, we visited Ak’Tenamit’s education center in the eastern department known as Izabal, Guatemala. The education center is participating in the School Enterprise Challenge with its new Eco-lodge business. Lucio Perez and his colleague showed and explained to us the four bungalows which will form part of Ak’Tenamit’s tourism center.

School Enterprise Challenge: Student interview- Meet Shivangi and Tanya from Delhi

Ever wondered how students feel about running a school business? 

Rwanda: School business Plan writing has been a success!

During the period of three month after they have been trained on business planning, Parents and Teachers Committee of the 28 partners schools of Nyaruguru have undertaken the process of writing their school business plans.

Honduras: Artists in the making – A peak over the shoulders of our woodcarvers

As you already know, the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School offers a variety of technical courses, so this time we want to show you some of the special work that is being done in the Woodcarving workshop!


Uganda: Update on the two school businesses at Mackay Memorial College

The Egg Production business has rapidly developed since the arrival of the new chicks on the 8th of May. The teachers and students involved have been told that the chickens will start laying this month, so everyone is eagerly awaiting the very first egg!

Rwanda - Meet our Technical Officers

Meet our Technical Officers in Rwanda: Sharon Munyazikwiye and Jackson Bizimungu. They have been working hard to support 28 schools in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, to write business plans for school businesses. 

Sharon says, "The schools have been doing heavy tasks in getting their business plans ready for start-up capital. Now they can't wait to get finished the planning and begin implementation. The school staff have shown extreme commitment in terms of business plan research and writing." 

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