Au Mali: Le debout d’un nouveau chapitre pour le Centre de Formation Professionnelle Saint Jean Bosco

Ici au sud du Mali, Teach A Man To Fish travaille en collaboration avec un centre d’éducation professionnelle de 450 étudiants. Déjà disposant d’ateliers de construction avec métaux, de mécanique générale et d’électricité, l’école maintenant vise à ajouter l’éducation entrepreneuriale à l’expérience de ses étudiants.

Guatemala: Interview with teacher Allan Tzib about the school’s inspiring business

This month our Enterprising Schools Network Officer, Janira visited ITASACAN School in rural  Senahú, Guatemala. The school is attended by almost 70 young men and women, aged 14 to 21.

ITASACAN already has two school businesses up and running. The school has its own bank – where a student can take out a loan of up to 20 Quetzales ($3 USD) and a student shop–where they can buy drinks, snacks and agricultural products.

Mali: The beginning of a new chapter for the St. Jean Bosco Centre in Sikasso

Our East Africa Regional Coordinator, James and our Central America Coordinator, Christine have been in Mali for the last two weeks working with a Vocational Education Centre for 450 students. Hear from Christine on what students and teachers have been learning and how the project is progressing!

Central America: Making new friends through the Enterprising School Network

On Thursday 22nd of January, the Enterprising Schools Network, Central America held its first conference, where members aa well as participants of the School Enterprise Challenge 2014 united. Ten participating schools from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua met at host school La Bastilla in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla’s 2014 graduates already on the road to success!

For this month’s blog we wanted to check in with La Bastilla’s recent graduates as many have already been offered university places and started new jobs and internships! Below are just a few of the success stories from the La Bastilla Technically Centre’s 5th batch of graduates.

For the third year in a row, a La Bastilla student has won a prestigious scholarship to Costa Rica’s EARTH University! Norlan Altamirano was awarded a full 4-year scholarship to study at the university, which specialises in agricultural science.

Rwanda: Head Teacher Jean Marie Muhinga talks about the journey to launching the school's piggery business

We are delighted to bring you news of another school business up and running in Rwanda! We met with Jean Marie Vianney Muhinga, the prinipal of Bigugu Secondary School, to talk to him about his experience setting up a piggery at his school.

Rwanda: After a lot of hard work, Ruhororo Primary School's Beekeeping business is up and running!

After a lot of planning and haradwork, writing a school businesses plan and budget, Ruhororo primary school has launched its Beekeeping business.

Rhhororo Primary School is located in a rural area surrounded by eucalyptus forest. The school felt this would be the perfect place to start a beekeeping business selling local honey. The school built 40 modern beehives which can produce up to 480Kgs of honey a year.

School Enterprise Challenge: Making videos and meeting student entrepreneurs in India

Hi! Welcome to our first blog from INDIA!

'Education That Pays For Itself' international conference comes to our partner school in Uganda!

From 30th October - 1st November Teach A Man To Fish held the eighth annual 'Education That Pays For Itself' conference at Mackay Memorial College, our partner school in Uganda. This year's theme was 'Empowering Young People With The Skills For Success: From Job Seekers to Job Creators'.

Update from Benin - Progress of the technical assistance project at the CPET Don Bosco school in Parakou.

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our two weeks' technical assistance at the CPET Don Bosco school in Parakou, Benin. Business research has progressed significantly this week and budgets are now being drawn up for each business. Training sessions have continued with participants considering how to avoid common management issues, how to mediate risk and what sorts of publicity would be most appropriate for each business. 

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